The Saga of the Witch

Ragnarok was over a thousand years ago, but the forces behind it are stirring again. Law and Chaos are rising once more and this time the outcome will turn on the choices of mortals.


Book One of the Saga of the Witch

The world is a harsh place of monsters, warriors and witches.

Anike is an apprentice herbalist whose ambition is to become a master and set up a shop in her home town. 

When her father falls ill, she must seek a cure. On that search, she is plunged into a very different life and must take a dangerous journey to find out more about witchcraft. 

Anike has to contend with betrayal, monsters, fear and prejudice before she can confront the consequences of her own power.

Published 1st March 2024 by Witchlore Publishing

Available for free on Kindle Unlimited



The Giant and the Witch

Book Two of the Saga of the Witch

Beings of Legend are stirring. 

Anike Dareksdottir must form some unlikely alliances in her quest to save a young woman. Her journey will take her deep into Svartalfheim, as she contends with another witch as well as dwarves and even more powerful and ancient foes. 

Can Anike uncover the secrets of witchcraft, lost by humans for millennia, in time to save her friend and stop the return of a dark power?

Due out late 2024 - Witchlore Publishing




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